Monday, October 01, 2007

Kostritzer Edel Pils

A typical Thuringen Pils is Kostritzer Edel Pils. When I look back at that sentence, I realize that there are at least three words I am unable to pronounce correctly. Give me three or four of these beers and I probably couldn't prounce any words in that sentence correctly.

What do I remember about this beer? Very little. It could've been the the quantity of alcohol I had consumed that evening. Who knows? What I do know is that there was a box of this stuff on Johanna's parents' house for most of my time there. Surprisingly, the contents of the box steadily disappeared each day.

The beer is, to its credit, a gentle pilsner. Goes down easy without much in the way of harsh flavour. But once again I must state my general distaste of pilsner to the predominantly naturalized Czech readers of this blog. I'm really asking for it, aren't I?

Rating: 3.5

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