Monday, October 14, 2013

Pivo Blog Revival - Xanadu Bound!

Where else a better place to revive this pivo blog than the Chengis Khan Land!

Yes yes, I know the Mongolians are better known for their talent and capability in making and drinking liquors.  I went to Inner Mongolia specifically aiming to sample their baijiu and the infamous Changis Khan vodka from Mongolia.

But hey!  What do you say when you walk into the first restaurant you see, asking for half a kilo of lamb shack for yourself and the best drink to go with and the kind Mongolian owner offered the local beer brewed from the freshest spring water and local wild hop from the Da Hinggan forest?  Fate!
Xianbeiyuan - Da Hinggan Beer
["Root of Sienpi" beer - if I had to give a rating Kent Babin style, this has to be a 4.5. One of the most tasteful beers I've had for a long long time!]

The rest of the trip just happened for itself.  Millet beer, buckwheat beer, beer from local spring water, from volcano hot spring mineral water...  You name it.  Who would've thought Inner Mongolia has so much to offer to the pivo world!
Hailar Buckwheat Beer
[Hailar Buckwheat Dry]
Arxan Millet Beer
[Arxan Millet Beer]
Hailar Beer
[Hailar Beer]