Monday, February 05, 2007

Why pivo terrorists?

Tak, by the time Claire starts to consider writing this article which has been her assignment by COB for the past many many days, we would have all got violent and become real terrorists already. Her lame excuse of procrastinating it while doing sod all during her vacation (not aware that procrastination is actually a mental disease as serious as pornography addiction) is that she doesn’t have regular internet access. But since when did mankind need internet access to WRITE! In fact the real season is she’s being a flaky ie lazy English fascist not well educated for the rest of the world’s work ethic. I don’t intend to deprive her of her joy and right of writing in her native language though, so here’s a draft or more like the raw material of the story before she comes up with a *posh* one. So…

One lovely Sunday afternoon, Jenski and Claireski are walking merrily in Vaclavske Namesti (Wensuslas Square). Two guys pass us with a whole case of beer in their hands. From one brief glance we already know it’s good ol’ Staropramen, one of our favorite beers.

J.: “Claire, you go knock them down and I take the beer. Meet around the corner to the next street?”
C.: “F*cking-A! If I had a blog, I’d call it Pivo Terrorist. Pivo would be the only reason for me to get violent… whatever it takes!”

So here we are. A bunch of pivo lovers decided to get together to make this happen. We decided it would get us into unnecessary trouble if the word “terrorist” shows up in the domain name or the blog title, but we wouldn’t mind ourselves being called like that as long as it follows “pivo”.

PS. I propose we reach a Peace Treaty with the other super power CATTY so that the world can keep living in the absolute harmony and justice as it does now… at least not worse.

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Jan Korbelik said...

hahaha - i am laughing my head off, i luv u, peeps!!!