Wednesday, February 28, 2007


To celebrate Al's name day we had a small gathering yesterday in the bar down the street of my house. As always, all the conversations started, involved, and ended with beer talks. During the beer taste and quality part of the discussion Neil provided a precious piece of information, that Bernard is right now the only non-pasteurized beer in the market. The topic started with Neil and Richie openly expressing their dislike of Bernard beer because of its weird taste and, especially, Neil's tummy problem after 4 Bernard beers from experience.

Very interesting. Being the most famous family owned Czech brewery Bernard has maintained it's brewing technique of producing traditional unpasteurized beer and argued that pasteurization process changes beer taste and color. I don't mind Bernard but I don't know if pasteurization really matters that much in terms of taste. Dairy product pasteurization is a different story but beer, hmmm...

On a related note, there's already scientific study that found out drinkers can't judge a beer by its taste. Instead, knowing what's in a beer or who made it can affect your rating during beer tasting. As I always say, it's all psychological.

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