Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Because pivo is so good...

This weekend was my friend Amy's birthday. It was also the occasion of a historic event. I, more than once, had proclaimed that I could out-drink my friend Warren (pictured here). So what if he's 3 years older and about 50 pounds heavier? My pivo training in the Czech Republic had prepared me to compete in the big leagues. Back in my heyday (i.e. last year) it was pivo every day and measuring beer in litres instead of drinks. I may be short and a girl, but I have trained tirelessly (much like that of a world-class pivo athlete) to attain a tolerance level and capacity to make Jenny proud of me. Granted, she could outdrink me any day of the week, but Canadian standards are much, much lower.

The competition rules were fuzzily defined--it was drink for drink and then we were to have judges decide who was drunker at the end of the night. At the pre-drinking venue before leaving for the club I did a survey and I was judged to be the winner of round 1. Alas, by the end of the night, sobriety was in short supply. I proclaimed victory, Warren conceded defeat (ever the gentleman), and a re-match (date to be determined) was agreed upon. Warren said he stopped drinking because "everyone else was getting too drunk" and he wanted to watch out for them. Right.

I would like to thank Alexander Keith, the creator of my favorite Canadian beer for his massive contribution to my victory.

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Jenny H. said...

I'm so proud of you.