Monday, October 22, 2007

pivo lab

on the left, we have a heffeweissen ale, which has been fermenting for two days. it is made with wheat rather than barley, though it has some different kinds of roasted malted barley for flavor, and has hallertau hops for bitterness and aroma. on the left is a belgian abbey ale at 8 days. it will be quite strong (10-11% alc), partially because of the addition of brewer's candi. each of these will produce 40-48 bottles of high-quality, homemade pivo


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please join me in welcoming a new Pivo Terrorist in the club - Mr. Jesse Lovegren, who has impressed us with his ability and passion in beer / alcohol in various occasions around the world (see attached photos as evidence). With Mr. Lovegren's contribution, we can see that our world_pivo empire's map is expanding rapidly and, especially, invading unconquered land massively. Keep up the good work, kids. Live the dream.

Last attempt for pivo in PragueEnough said
I like...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Open your eyes and get in action. It's our time for a reward.

A New Zealand brewer is offering a lifetime supply of free beer in exchange for the return of a laptop stolen in a break-in. (article)

Japanese beer for kids

I bet Gokkie will love this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Life Is Far Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer - 10 Ways To Maximize Your Beer Value

First, stop thinking of beer as a commodity. It’s not toilet paper, or screws, or an all-you-can-eat buffet. Stop thinking of beer in terms of the bland, yellow, fizzy beverages foisted on the American public by huge brewing conglomerates.

Beer is a food. It is made from grain (almost always barley), hops, yeast, and water. Except for the hops, and if the grain was milled into flour instead of malted for brewing, you’d have a basic bread recipe. When is bread best? As fresh as possible. It is just as true for beer. To stretch the beer as bread analogy a little further, industrial-brewed American light lagers are the beer equivalent of Wonder Bread. Don’t you want a nice, hearty loaf?

And here goes the 10 ways. Awesome.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Beer losing its appeal

British men are due to call time on the pint within a generation, according to a study published today which shows they are more prepared than ever before to give up beer in favour of burgundy.

As male drinkers steadily leave behind their traditional tipple, the report claims that by 2039, when today's schoolchildren are well into their drinking years, there could be more men quaffing wine than downing pints in pubs and clubs.

WTF is up with British men???!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enta Ya Habibi - Paulaner Weisbier

Need I say more? This is far and away my favourite beer on the planet. U Fleku beer gets close, but I'll take a pint of Weissbier and a bratwurst any day of the week.

My first experience with the stuff was at the Munich airport. I was on a short layover to Cologne, so I decided to sit down at one of the many places to get beer. I ordered one of the meals. It came with a couple of white Munich sausages, a pretzel, and a beautiful pint of beer. When I first saw it, I was in love. The glass was huge, the head was perfect, and the cloudy nature of the beer made it so drinkable.

I sat there in bliss consuming every last drop. It was the first of many in Germany. Every time I went to a restaurant, I was sure to order a weissbier. It's just so good. So much so that I had a friend bring me some when she came to visit me in Egypt.

Rating: 5 - Yes, if it and bratwurst were the last things on earth, I would choose the beer.

(that wraps up my beer ratings. Stay tuned for more as a new journey begins.)

Kostrizter Schwarzbier

Unlike those other beers, I can tell you that this was a fine beer. Schwarzbier in German refers to Black or Dark beer. And this variation, the Kostritzer variation, is a fine version of the Schwarzbier. It is a very satisfying finish and great almost any time of the year or day.

There was a slight sweetness to it, but the mildly bitter aftertaste reminded you that it was in fact so black you couldn't see through it. Not like Guinness, mind you, but close enough.

Rating: 4

Altenmuster Winterbier

Yet another seasonal beer. The only thing I know is that it had had the old-school openning style. Caps were too good for this bottle.

I remember little about this beer as well, other than that it went down a lot easier than some of the earlier beers. We're in a sad state when beers can no longer be distinguished.

Rating: 3.5

Beihnachts Bier

Christmas beer is good right around Christmas. I don't know why. Just because it has a picture of Father Christmas on the bottle, doesn't make it special, does it?

Well, apparently it does. Of all the beers I sampled during my week of sampling time, this is the beer I remember least. Luckily, I have a sheet that tells me how I rated each beer. Otherwise, I'd probably forget everything.

Based on my rating, I would say that this was a fine beer. Given its novelty, I would suggest sampling this beer when it becomes available. It'll help break the monotony of your everyday beers, but probably leave you begging for the same monotony after two weeks.

Rating: 3.5

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Don't Forget: Drink a Beer—Or Two—Daily!

Hurrah! Yet another reason to drink pivo!!

Thank you science, for telling us something we already know. Pivo is awesome.

"You may be hard-pressed to recall events after a night of binge drinking, but a new report suggests that low to moderate alcohol consumption may actually enhance memory.
"There are human epidemiological data of others indicating that mild [to] moderate drinking may paradoxically improve cognition in people compared to abstention," says Maggie Kalev, a research fellow in molecular medicine and pathology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand and a co-author of an article in The Journal of Neuroscience describing results of a study she and other researchers performed on rats. "This is similar to a glass of wine protecting against heart disease, however the mechanism is different." "


Cooooolest - Beer Diet

The title says all.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Kostritzer Edel Pils

A typical Thuringen Pils is Kostritzer Edel Pils. When I look back at that sentence, I realize that there are at least three words I am unable to pronounce correctly. Give me three or four of these beers and I probably couldn't prounce any words in that sentence correctly.

What do I remember about this beer? Very little. It could've been the the quantity of alcohol I had consumed that evening. Who knows? What I do know is that there was a box of this stuff on Johanna's parents' house for most of my time there. Surprisingly, the contents of the box steadily disappeared each day.

The beer is, to its credit, a gentle pilsner. Goes down easy without much in the way of harsh flavour. But once again I must state my general distaste of pilsner to the predominantly naturalized Czech readers of this blog. I'm really asking for it, aren't I?

Rating: 3.5