Thursday, October 11, 2007

Enta Ya Habibi - Paulaner Weisbier

Need I say more? This is far and away my favourite beer on the planet. U Fleku beer gets close, but I'll take a pint of Weissbier and a bratwurst any day of the week.

My first experience with the stuff was at the Munich airport. I was on a short layover to Cologne, so I decided to sit down at one of the many places to get beer. I ordered one of the meals. It came with a couple of white Munich sausages, a pretzel, and a beautiful pint of beer. When I first saw it, I was in love. The glass was huge, the head was perfect, and the cloudy nature of the beer made it so drinkable.

I sat there in bliss consuming every last drop. It was the first of many in Germany. Every time I went to a restaurant, I was sure to order a weissbier. It's just so good. So much so that I had a friend bring me some when she came to visit me in Egypt.

Rating: 5 - Yes, if it and bratwurst were the last things on earth, I would choose the beer.

(that wraps up my beer ratings. Stay tuned for more as a new journey begins.)

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