Saturday, June 25, 2011

How Do People Room-Party in Hangzhou

Last weekend our company organized a team building trip to Hangzhou, a southeastern Chinese provincial capital which used to be the national capital back in the Song Dynasty (1000 AD). Last minute notice but it turned out awesome. A noteworthy event was a room party we threw in our hotel at a colleague's room - 7 ppl with limited alcohol and a retarded card game but we made the best out of it. And below is a priceless discover we made:

The alcohol purchasing group went down to the grocery shop and brought back this:
Priceless packaging

Hang on, hang on, Jenny, you know we have a no-alhocol-no-kofola-no photo rule on this blog, right? That's a frikking rice sack!
Yes I'm crystal clear about this rule but I F*CKING MADE IT (YEAH)! But wait and hear me out, let's take a look at what's inside:

Yes baby, the grocery store didn't have anything big enough except for a 50kg rice sack (which can be used to bag cement lime as well, by the way) to bag those beers.


PS. Those are West Lake Beer - world_pivo strikes again!