Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What is pivo?

Excerpt from a small lexicon of Andel:

Pivo: Czech. A type of golden beverage of which 90% is water and in the Czech Republic it is literally the cheapest drink in all establishments. Most probably the first Czech word you learn when you arrive in this country. AKA “beer” in English.

We will think of other names that this blog can be named after when our life starts to involve other important things that matter. However it's been 1.5 years since we arrived in this country and these things haven't turned up yet. Patience, kids.

Till then have a drink with us while waiting. Yes, remember you stopped to read this post. Your beer is getting warm. Na zdravi!

FYI, beer in 78 languages for your edification.


tom said...

czech beer is the best beer in the world!!

hi to lida and josef and to everyone in Novy Hradek .
tom C

Rob said...

Slovak Pivo is Awesome as well

Anonymous said...

"Slovak Pivo is awesome as well".... Psych!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

American Budweiser is the best beer in the entire world. And it is the real, authentic Budvar. Screw this Checkvar junk, it is a fake.

Eurogirl said...

I always love Czech beer! And I need another pivo! Here is a link to the 'perfect shirt' for pivo lovers! Na zdravi!

Juraj Stalnik said...

Juraj - to that anonymouus idiot, chzechvar is the original Budweiser ...........the city where beer is made is called Budejovice or Budweis(for english fucks like you)

Unknown said...

Juraj Stalnik
i think comment is out of order "for english fucks like you".
i am english and proud of it not scottish, not welsh and not british but ENGLISH! even my czech friends would take umbridge at that comment. in addition to that my ill mannered poster where in that post does it say he/ she is English. please don't belittle the czech people with your foul comments

Anonymous said...

Jurag is merely displaying his ignorance

CB said...

Love pivo
Why is the lion boxing the bear on the can?
Has to be a story behind it.

Cindy Dy said...

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