Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seoul, Korea

This time it's Seoul! One would need courage and a special mind to voluntarily go to Seoul in the heart of winter to be caught in a middle of a blizzard. However you would be surprised that I did think that a Korean winter is more bearable than the damp coldness in Central-Eastern China that soaks into your bones! Even better, warm stew, soup and BBQ with all those beers, sojus and makkoli's would just make it way more than bearable - they are pleasant!
First taste of Korean local beer!
[First Encounter with Korean Local Brew]

beer with Korean BBQ
[Korean Beer with Pork BBQ. Oh how good was the pork belly!]

[Soju Finally!]

Side story:
Setting - Team dinner, majority of the visitors female, and majority of the Korean local team male.
Action - A pinkish bottle of drink was brought in and we were told that it's strawberry flavored makkoli, soft and sweet, "just perfect for girls".
Trigger - Not a fan of strawberry flavored stuff, I kindly turned down the second serving of the pink drink after the first taste and requested for more soju.
Response from the local male audience - "Oh no, come on, soju is for guys, Makkoli is for girls!"
[Makkoli, original flavor. NOT PINK!]

Cass in bottle
[Cass in Bottle]

[Cafri in a cute (but strange) 2nd floor cafe on a side street of Myeong-Dong]

Cass in jug
[New Ad Slogan: Cass in Jug, best with Half-an-Hour Shisha!]

Oh, that's where I saw a MP in full army gear patrolling Seoul bars, for the first time in my life!