Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What is pivo?

Excerpt from a small lexicon of Andel:

Pivo: Czech. A type of golden beverage of which 90% is water and in the Czech Republic it is literally the cheapest drink in all establishments. Most probably the first Czech word you learn when you arrive in this country. AKA “beer” in English.

We will think of other names that this blog can be named after when our life starts to involve other important things that matter. However it's been 1.5 years since we arrived in this country and these things haven't turned up yet. Patience, kids.

Till then have a drink with us while waiting. Yes, remember you stopped to read this post. Your beer is getting warm. Na zdravi!

FYI, beer in 78 languages for your edification.

The Power of Love

Four friends from three different countries. Brought together by their one great love. Pivo.

In search of one single thing-- a futsking dobře pivo.

Committed tirelessly to the consumption of pivo, conversation about pivo, comparing pivos, trying new pivos and loving pivo. We are serious pivo people in serious pivo times.