Sunday, January 10, 2010

in vietnam

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this is an entry to commemorate the expansion of the pivo network into vietnam. the beer bottle depicted is from long my, hau giang province.

new years in shanghai

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fang cannot make posts, but i am going to reconstruct this picture based on second-hand information, writing pretending as if it were fang writing: (imagine a british accent)

"so actually you know i met li ping recently, it was in shanghai for new years. and many of the cities were closed, the bund, the public transport network was paralyzed because of the mass of people wishing to celebrate, so we couldn't go there, but we wanted to go see the countdown, and we took a cab and oh my god thirty minutes but we finally got there and we realized oh my god we don't have any alcohol, so we went and bought two bottles of wine you know to celebrate and for the countdown. it was so boring, and by the time we reached back to the hotel and finally opened the bottles of wine the countdown was already starting. i mean you want to have one or two drinks to build up the atmosphere, you know so you can feel festive for the countdown, but we had no time to do that. so yes li ping is doing quite well, she is no longer a good employee."