Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Actually, Habibi

It all started with my love for shisha, a passion that not so many people understand, and when my determination of purchasing a shisha turned into the unstoppable motivation to raid the country of shisha, it was just frikking unstoppable.

Claire happened to have 5 weeks off from work and didn't mind being dragged around by me. Even better she wanted to become a worthy Brit more cultured than drinking her body weight in tea, abusing cheap Czech beer and eating fish and chips, (we actually waited till the last minute to buy the tickets just to double-confirm on this point). So after her first-ever embassy visit she finally got her first visa in her passport. We are good to go.

After boarding on the plane, Claire was re-arranging her bag and I found a big-ass book while peeping into her personal effects.
"That's a big-ass organizer! WTF do you even need that for? You? Planning?"
"Check this out."
So this is the itinerary I worked out for the trip, and the following is the only thing she wrote in her organizer:

Page 1: 9th, Feb Egypt ->
Page 3: 18th , Feb -> Prague

Sweet as. We will be the best travel partners ever and both look forward to the trip. Excited.

I'm sure Claire will have a lot to tell about the trip and is a better story teller than I am. Therefore I'll leave it to her to decide what to share. Before she starts though, I'd like to introduce you two new friends: Stella Local and Luxor. Both are Eygptian local beers and they aren't shabby at all. I was actually very impressed with Egyptian pivo (that's right, they brew beer in Egypt!) I liked Stella so much that I wanted to own a Stella glass for my beer mug collection. We didn't find any until in a restaurant in Hurghada they served my beer in a Stella labeled glass. We were going to leave the place with it in our "traditional" way but my conscience struck me at the crucial moment and on a second thought I decided that stealing from Africa is bad. So I called the waiter over and asked if we could buy the glass from them. I was then kindly informed that they had only 5-10 glasses in the bar. So, sadly, no. Oh well, at least I tried, and the image can be forever...
Me, shisha, and Stella Local
Claire & Raoiri - Luxor
[Full Album, aka Jenski's version of the story]


kent said...

Not one mention of getting met at the airport at 3:30 AM?!?!?!?!?!

I'm appalled.

Jenny H. said...

I can explain. I was going to dedicate a SECOND entry specially to you and your hospitality after this one but you made me explain and revealed the grand plan so the plot is ruined now. Dammit.