Tuesday, March 20, 2007

St. Patty's in Canada-- with much love!

Unfortunately the closest I could get to Ireland for St. Patty's was my friend's house and a cheesy neighborhood bar. That being said, it was an awesome night!

It started off early evening with quite a few rounds of Flip Cup, a magnificent game that I was first introduced to around this time last year at Big Pig.

My team was on an amazing streak, we lost one round-- but it was due to the substitution of one of the players. Anyway, no one really remembers that, so maybe it didn't really happen?

People were very serious about getting the game right!

We then headed to a cheesy bar that situated right next to a strip club. Keeping it classy!

The cheesy bar did give us these fun hats. I love being Irish for a day! Thanks St. Patrick for giving us a reason to celebrate and indulge in our love of pivo!


Emmie said...

St Patrick's Day was fun for me too. At the end of the day it is important for us enjoy it. Sometimes we enjoy a lot over silly things in life too.Wish you a great time ahead. Do stop by my Love blog sometime.

Jenny H. said...

Did you violate our picture posting rule with your second photo? ONE yellow card!

Aruna said...

Oh damn, you're right! But maybe I only half violated it because there are beer logos on our hats?

kent said...

St. Paddy's day passed without a blip on the radar in Egypt.

It wasn't until a friend called me from Australia, of all places, that I realized what day it was.

Alexander McNamara said...

what is St Patty's day? i'm confused...mabey it's because i'm oirish