Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pilsner Urquel

Jenny, Claire: You're obviously very familiar with this particular potable. It's the Cadillac of Czech pilsners, and probably pilsners all around the world. If you like that style of beer, I wouldn't hesitate in buying about 10 cartloads of the stuff.

However, up against German Weisbier and German Darks, the Pilsner left me wishing I had never heard of the two previous beers and that I was in a Czech pub downing pilsner one after the other.

So, without disrespecting the owners of this blog, I will remove this beer from the competition as it is not technically German.

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Jenny H. said...

It's actually technically South African. Regardless if you come here in September I'll take you to the annual Pilsner Beer Festival. That'll always be a blast.