Tuesday, March 06, 2007

RIP, the Indiana Jones of Beer

Alan D. Eames, who cultivated his reputation as "the Indiana Jones of beer" by crawling into Egyptian tombs to read hieroglyphics about beer and voyaging along the Amazon in search of a mysterious lost black brew, died Feb. 10 at his home.

Eames called himself a beer anthropologist, a role that allowed him to expound on subjects like what he put forward as the world's oldest beer ad, dating to roughly 4000 B.C.

Eames followed the golden liquid to 44 countries.

His favorite and perhaps most startling message was that beer is the most feminine of beverages. He said that in almost all ancient societies, beer was considered a gift from a goddess, never a male god. Most often, women began the brewing process by chewing grains and spitting them into a pot to form a fermentable mass. (Denver Post)

A pivo anthropologist who humbled all us pivo terrorists and paled all our pivo pursuing stories and world_pivo paths. RIP. We shall continue your journey, live on the pivo spirit, and make you proud, unstoppable.

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