Monday, March 05, 2007

I now love Ikea

This weekend Anna and I went on a two day run around Edinburgh to see my old university 'sloochie' Sam. Her hospitality was amazing, as was the amount of good food and wine we inhaled in such a short period of time. Anna and I stayed true to out roots and ordered a pint of Tennants Super, a true Scottish beer, whilst those around us crumbled a fell for girlie drinks

However, I must admit that I eventually ditched the beer for something which has bred a new found sense of respect for Ikea and generally all things Swedish. No, not a cheap yet stylish wooden chest of draws or the beautiful Freddy Ljuengberg (think Arsenal football team), but the best pear cider the world has ever seen - which not only happens to be supremely dobber but to my amazement is also available at your local Ikea - god bless those crazy Swedes for giving me a legitimate reason to go to Ikea.

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