Sunday, March 02, 2008


While our pivo alphabet game is stuck at 'I", I decided I should seek more information sources out in the world.

Delirium is a legend in Brussels, well, at least for beer drinks. Ever since my first trip to Brussels, actually even before I went to Brussels, I had had people tell me that one HAS TO check out Delirium when in Brussels, something like we say you have to see Great Wall when in China. Yeah it's that big of a deal.

If you wonder why, Delirium has an official Guinness certificate proving that on this planet they have the most beers commercially available in a bar. So we go and attempt to verify. We ask for their full menu, and the guy come and put this book down in front of us, with this evil grin in his face as if to say you are not the first one who didn't believe it dumbass. We realized that the fatal flaw in our plan was that we went on a Sunday night and we both had an early working session to catch the next day so we couldn't afford to sample all their beers, timewise and financewise. School girl error.

Having said that we did make our effort to taste as much as we can. Here are the proof. Thanks to them I was able to recap some of my hazy memories. Cheers to the cameras...
Floreffe in Delirium
More actions in Delirium!

But hang on, I still haven't found an iBeer!

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