Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's Play a Little Game

We have the English alphabet. We have a diverse array of beers.

Is there a beer name for every letter in the alphabet?

If you thought "X" was difficult, luckily Azerbaijan sports "Xirdalan" as its main brew.


Jenny H. said...

I like. Can I add a term that it needs to be a beer that you've actually tried, fair?

So how does the game start?

Jesse said...

Anchor Steam. I start.

kent said...

Ya, i'm down with that rule.



Jenny H. said...

Chimay, easy.

Next. I'm stoked with the game.

kent said...



Jenny H. said...

Efes, Turkish beer.

kent said...

Efes is gross. It should be stricken from the beer records.

Granville Island (Vancouver Microbrewery)

Jenny H. said...

1. Efes is NOT gross. Not the best, but it's NOT gross.
2. Where did F go? I thought we were doing it alphabetically. I can't believe you skipped F and I once trusted you in holding my drinks.
3. Faro, Belgian beer. Now that is what I'd call gross.

kent said...

Hahaha...did I forget F? I guess I though Efes was both E and F. Or maybe I am just forgetting the English alphabet. I don't speaka ze english to vell anymore.

Jenny, you're telling me that Efes is even borderline good? And I once trusted you to hold my drink?

H...Heineken, I guess. Seems like a boring choice, though.