Tuesday, January 15, 2008


despite what some members of our community believe, i think lambic beers deserve serious consideration by pivo enthusiasts. they are brewed with wild yeasts instead of the usual cultured strains, so their taste is strikingly different from other beers. they are a bit acidic and have a dry finish. they also lend themselves to the addition of fruit during the brew, so they can make a beverage that is a bit sweet, fruity, and retains its dignity. this cannot be said for most other fruit flavored drinks.

i had a cherry one last night. i encourage everyone to seek out different styles and flavors of lambic beers and report back here on your impressions. most importantly, you can help settle an argument i have with jenny about whether it's a beer "that you can drink throughout a long night"


kent said...

The question is: can you get it in Azerbaijan?

Jesse said...

i would say that it is something that you may be able to get if you are one of those people who know how to get things. or conjure things.