Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pivoing in Colombia!

I spent the last week of October in Colombia as an elections observer for the regional elections. It was quite hectic, but I still managed to make some time to have a pivo or two between dodging bullets and shooting coke. Just kidding, that's a lie, obviously I had more than one or two pivos!

Seriously though, I didn't actually have that many pivos because during election time, they have this thing called the ley seco or dry law. That means that no booze can legally be sold between 6pm Thursday on the week of the elections and 6am Monday (the election took place on Sunday).
The operative word here is "legally" because I still saw some drunks roaming the streets.

Most of my pivo intake happened on the last night. After training, travel, observing the elections, writing reports and debriefing it was time to unwind. My friend Fer (pictured above) and I somehow ended up being the only girls in a crowd of 10-15 of our male friends. It wasn't too bad, we always had someone to dance with and got one or two free drinks!

While I can't remember, in detail, the taste of the two types of Colombia pivo I tried in order to produce a complex analysis, I can remember this: it was dobre! Definitely recommended.


Jenny H. said...

That looks like a dobre pivo glass too!

How skillful are you at bullet dodging now?

Aruna said...

You know me. I've got skillz.