Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Method #189 of Ingesting Pivo



1. The person puts both hands on the keg.
2. Friends pick up the person by the legs and tip them upward, as if they were doing a handstand on the keg.
3. The person wraps their lips around the tap, opens it, and drinks.
4. The surrounding audience and awaiting participants chant the number of seconds for which the person is drinking.
5. The person shakes their leg (or head) to signal to friends when they can't drink anymore and need to get down.
6. Repeat.

**7. Do not let drunk people suspend their friends, there is the chance they may drop them onto the keg. This may result in a plethora of injuries from bruised ribs and slight internal bleeding to a concussion.

When you think keg you usually think undergraduate students, possibly in a fraternity, drinking irresponsibly. What you got was a bunch of master's students in their early, mid and late twenties who had never done keg stands before (I was not one of these people). Much like Claireski's smazeny syr cherry was popped on camera, there were many photos representing the keg cherry popping on camera. Good times all around. Highly recommended!


Jenny H. said...

God you are good! I'm so proud of you.
Now if only we could find someone sober to help the keg cherry popping here...

kent said...

Wicked. There is no better exercise than pushups while guzzling beer upside down. It's like the best of both worlds...