Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beer and pizza in one bottle? Yeeeewwww

Beer and pizza are tastes that, for many of us, just seem to go together. But, beer that tastes like pizza?

Something’s brewing in a garage in St. Charles. Tom Seefurth is mixing up a concoction he'll eventually pour out as beer – pizza beer. (details)

Honestly I'm quite disgusted and feeling a bit sick now. For me this is just wrong. What do you guys say?


Aruna said...


kent said...

Yuck. Why don't they make beer-flavoured pizza then?

Jenny H. said...

God you are good. Genius!
Shall we start the business ourselves?

Anonymous said...

the stuff is great I know... I made it! No chunks, the flavor is washed from the grain & pizza (no animal fats) & the result is a golden ale that has an oregano/garlic/basil aroma & the aftertaste of pizza.


Anonymous said...

bloody brilliant!