Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reply, recap, reactivation, and recovery

Thanks sooooo much for all the birthday wishes from you guys via pressies, blog comments, emails, sms's, skype messages, phone calls and buying me drinks in person!

I've replied to most of your messages but I don't remember if I replied to all and I don't want to miss one. So here's a big shout out to everyone: THANK YOU!

Recap of a few replies of choice cuts:
Yes, Adam, the club of old single people is awesome and we have loads of fun here. You'll join in a few months so I won't give it away just yet.
Jezza, I agree with you that how lucky rike me one can be to have a birthday on a Saturday. Yeah, a belated Happy 35th to you, too.
Arunka, forgot to tell you that believe it or not this time I even replayed a few of our dancing moves from last year's Jenski's D'n'B Till You Stink Birthday Celebration Program. It felt so futsking dobře!
Sathe, thanks for the birthday drinks. Don't worry about your drinking skills... it's not you, it's just that when me and shots get together crazy things do happen. You've lived up the legend well and you are still THE legend.
Digs, thanks for calling. I hope our drunken call for return later on did wake you up and confuse you. Have a great trip along the silk road and talk soon, POS.
Claire, when are you coming over to drink that bottle of beverage with me? Bring cucumbers.

I still can't get over how many friends I managed to meet up this weekend and how many of them I haven't seen for over 2 years. I've stopped feeling surprised of how small the world can be especially after AIESEC, but when the reactivation of friendship really happened this massively and condensed within 2 days in a city that half of us don't even live in, I was still so overwhelmed that it's so hard to let go, beyond belief.

And this incredible mixture of happiness of reunion, sadness of having to leave soon, and awareness of how many people I have to catch up on how many topics in how limited time, would inevitably lead to one sole solution for all of us: drink like there is no tomorrow. It worked, perfectly.

Thanks again for the great time and all the birthday wishes. You guys are all so futsking amazing and the one reason I'm proud that I've lived so many years to meet you and are never worried about getting old regretting my life wasn't incredible enough.

From Brussels with love.

From Brussels with love


kent said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny. I had no idea....

Is that a shisha I see?

Jenny H. said...

Thanks, Kent!

That is a shisha indeed. I might as well start a world_shisha map...

Aruna said...

The best of both worlds in that picture...shisha and pivo! Futsking dobreeeeeeee! Glad you had a good birthday Jenski!

aibek said...

happy birthday! so how old are you now? :)

kent said...

You need to come back to Cairo, Jenny. I have in my possession the world's best shisha.

This is not a joke, really is that good. It will make you not want to smoke an inferior shisha again.