Friday, April 27, 2007

My Rating System

As mentioned before, I will be rating the 17 bottles of German beer I got as a Christmas gift from my good friends Benjamin and Johanna. Before I make the inagural rating, I need to introduce you to my rating system.

It's a fairly simple "1-5" system, but pay special attention to what each number is:

1 - Only good for washing my mouth out after vomitting from better beer
2 - I'd consider feeding it to my dog
2.5 - I would only drink it after a few better beers
3 - I would actually pay for this beer at the bar
3.5 - I wouldn't be embarrassed bringing this beer to friends' houses
4 - I would keep it in the house
5 - If this beer and bratwurst were the last things on earth, I would choose this beer

1 comment:

Jenny H. said...

Can't wait for "5" to show up...