Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Will & Lindsey sparkling!

Will & Lindsey sparkling! by jennyhu
Will & Lindsey sparkling!, a photo by jennyhu on Flickr.

So Will and his friend Lindsey come to China, right? The first thing they saw and drank when landed in the airport was a can of Tsingtao beer that greeted them at the gate. Everyone reckon this was a good start, eh? It gets better.

Day 1, without even a glance of Shanghai, they are shipped to the coastal city of Xiamen. And again, without even a peek of the beach or sea, they are tossed into a rental car and driven to a rural village of Hakka people. By this time they have been traveling on the road for like 36 hours with only a short interval of a 5 hour nap in a hotel room.

So we get to this town and what do we see? Cold beer and sparklers. What better can we do!

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