Wednesday, January 14, 2009


When the north starts to snow,

You naturally seek sun, ... and cold beer, in the south.


Ginjinha from the oldest store in Lisboa that sells it - not too shabby. Even a cherry flavor hater like me liked it, especially at 10am!


I honestly didn't do much in Rio except drinking caipirinhas on the beach - what else is one supposed to do?
More caipirinhas on the beach!

Passion Fruit Caipirinha - exquisite!
Passion fruit caipirinha!

More Brazilian pivos sampled:
Love the beer bottle cooler/holders!
[I was just very excited at the beer bottle holder which is novelty to me. And what's inside the holder is really a bottle of Kaiser and Skol, not the lame SOL!]


Pivo Love - Peruvian edition.
Pivo Love - Peru!

Cusquena - apparently from Cusco. National brew that you can find everywhere in the country.
Cusquena - dark

Whereas Arequipena is only available in the south - obviously mostly around Arequipa.

And in the meantime Lima's ambitious 2 year old new brand Franca wants a share too!
[Oh, and Inka Kola is THE soft drink in the country. Apparently Peru is the only country in the world that the American Colas are not leading the market. Guess who's the winner here?]


Aruna said...

And they called it....pivo loooooove.

Nice post and pivo selection!

Miss Canthus said...

If I remember correctly you stopped at the letter I, when you were trying to name a beer for each letter of the alphabet. I believe Itaipava would qualify, would it not?