Friday, July 11, 2008

Armenia Diary - Kotayk Style

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Day 1, after arrival, Armenian friend sends a message asking what our plan was. Reply: we will just hang around, see the city and drink beer in the parks.

Day 1 evening, met up with Armenian friend. Asks us what we did and how we liked Yerevan so far. Reply: tried Kotayk and it was good.

Day 2, during the day, Armenian friend sends a message asking what we were doing and if we needed any help. Reply: we are sitting in a cafe drinking - enjoying ourselves a lot.

Day 2 night, Armenian friend gave up asking and took us clubbing. Armenian friend left at midnight, we partied till 3am.


kent said...

Haha...briliant summary.

Weren't we out til 4am?

Jenny H. said...

Sadly, no.

kent said...

I think your watch was wrong. We wanted to leave the bar at 3 but we ended up getting involved in that cheque scandal which forced us to stay longer. Ridiculous.