Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jenny Never Looks Drunk

How come Jenny never looks drunk?


Jenny H. said...

I keeps it real!

Blanka said...

I have several possible "explanations"

1. Because she is a pro
2. Because she is a raging alcoholic who always looks like this (highly unlikely though)
3. Becuase she has been in the Czech Republic for too long....ding ding ding

Aruna said...

I feel like this is a challenge. I'm going to look through my pictures and find one where you look drunk.

If I am unsuccessful, I would like to propose a fourth explanation.

4. Because she started drinking at the age of 5 (true fact) and managed to kill the gene that causes Asian people to turn red when drinking.

kent said...

I like Aruna's response. It's like she has gene mutation powers or something.

Blanka, please go get Jenny smashed. Just remember to pace yourself (perhaps water down your drinks so Jenny doesn't drink you under the table).

Blanka said...

Alright, I'm up for the challenge. Jenski; you and me are going at it this weekend.

Finally I have a purpose in life!

Blanka said...
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Blanka said...

I forgot to mention that I now have proof that Jenny can and does look drunk! Photo will go to the highest bidder