Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wernesgruner Pils

Pilsner is definitely a popular beer in the central part of Germany. It may not be consumed in the volumes of Czech pilsner (on a per capita level, at least), but it can hold its own when stacked up against its competitors.

I looked at this beer and thought, "Hmm...I see the word 'legende' which is probably something like 'legend.' This beer must be good's like 'legendary pilsner.'" As you can see, Highlander is looking on in the background probably confident of its malty brew, but secretly nervous of what my tastebuds might think.

To tell you the truth, the Wernesgruner went down okay. Nothing special, that's for sure, but this wasn't a beer I had a distaste for. Take that Highlander.

Rating: 3


Jenny H. said...

You know I've been waiting for your new beer post so that I can say this to you:


kent said...

It's a celebration bitches. Enjoy yourself.